1823 Map of Ross

We have scanned and are reproducing in a variety of formats an 1823 map of the town by Thomas Wakeman.

Vlow res Wakeman map

The original map is quite large (119cm x 73cm) and covers the whole parish of Ross (Ross Borough and Ross Foreign). Inset into the top right corner is a smaller map with much more detail of the town centre.


If you’d like a copy your options are as follows:

  • An unframed copy, on high quality of paper, of the whole parish (119 x 73 cm) – sold out
  • Unframed inset map of the town centre, unframed and unmounted – £35
  • Framed inset map of the town centre (as pictured – only 3 remaining) 51 x 60 cm – £80

The map provides a fascinating insight into the development of the town to this date, an important period before sweeping changes were to take place in Ross under the two Improvement Acts later in the nineteenth century. 1823 was, for example, just before the present day Gloucester Road was cut through, following the visit to the town of King George IV, and prior to the demolition of Underhill – nine Tudor style houses by the Market House that are clearly shown on the map (see createROSS’s Museum Without Walls).

The original map is owned by the Okell Family who have given permission for it to be reproduced and sold. It was drawn in 1823 as part of the process for collecting parish poor rate – a tax on property levied in each parish and used to provide poor relief. The numbers on the map appear to relate to parcels of land rather than buildings and an index (1825) can be viewed at Hereford Archives and Record Centre (HARC) at Rotherwas, which is also where the original map can now be found.

Please contact Mark Sanderson, if you’d like to order prints. If you prefer, please use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with you.